Hi, I’m Marci

I create WordPress websites that help you increase your visibility and grow your business.

I’m also intuitive and can help you connect with and receive messages from your guides.

Together we'll create a spirit-guided website that feels just right for you and your business.

Building websites with spirit!

I love helping people who have something special they want to share with the world and who need a website to help get it out there. 

I use to have the crazy notion I could keep my work building websites separate from the work I do channeling messages for people from their guides.

The truth is, I ask for help from angels, animal spirits, and other guides whenever I get stuck in my daily life and even on a website. Help shows up in a message from spider, crow, a song on the radio, a random bulletin board or even a rainbow. This is who I am, and this is how I keep myself moving through this human experience.

What does this mean for you?

When we work together on your website, it means…

  • We’ll bring heart-centered insight to our discussions.
  • We’ll pull angel cards or other oracle cards during our talks.
  • We’ll talk about that dream you had last night.
  • We’ll celebrate the feather you found right when you were thinking of a new blog post.
  • We’ll tweak your design to include the animal spirit who insists on joining your site.
  • We’ll make room for the universe to work its magic!

Are you ready to come out with your woo?

I did. And, you can, too.

If you have a website, then you have an opportunity to engage spirit and occupy the space with your energy and gifts. Ready to transform your online space?

Custom WordPress Websites

I help people who want a website they love and who need help creating it in a way that professionally and authentically expresses their personality and gifts.

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All-in-one Website and Coaching Packages with Marci Kobayashi | marcikobayashi.com

Brand & Business Coaching

I help people who want to share their gifts with the world and are stuck trying to figure out who they want to serve and how best to present their services and packages.

Intuitive Readings

I help people who worry whether they are on the right track and want to tap into the wisdom of the universe but are having trouble connecting with their guides.

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About Marci

Hi! I'm Marci. Whether I'm coaching a client on Skype or building out a new website, I love creating safe spaces for people to better express their gifts and gain visibility. Though I grew up in the U.S. near Seattle, Washington, I have been a resident of Tokyo for 20+ years so I know what it feels like to overcome the fear of standing out! When I'm not tinkering with websites and coaching my clients to come out with their woo, I love engaging with people and especially, walking the streets of Japan and discovering spirit in all shapes and forms.