Celebrating & Intending is a daily practice.

Will you join me?

Celebrating & Intending is a daily practice.

Will you join me?

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Books with Love and Light

Check out one of my stories and be inspired by life in Japan, how to have yoyu, and maybe even a spider or two! I also write about my experience with caregiving, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities.

Celebrating & Intending Journals

Choose from 7 notebooks for reflecting on daily wins & setting new intentions with your spirit guides, a practice I've been doing for many years.
Learn more about Marci's process for not setting goals.

Write your name in English workbooks

自分の名前を書くための英語ドリル~ABCを覚え始めているけどまだ英語の名前が読めない・書けない子どもにピッタリ Personalized workbooks for handwriting practice in English.
See all of the name drill books.

365 Book Series & Soul Biz Book

As a contributing author, you'll find true stories from my life here in Japan featuring inspiration from spiders, cats, nurses, teachers, and even a butterfly or two!
See all of Marci's books.

About Marci Kobayashi

Hi! I'm Marci. I live in Japan, eat and cook a plant-based diet, use alternative healing modalities, write about caregiving, spiders, and connecting with spirit. When I'm not writing or teaching preschoolers, I love helping other soulful authors show up online with their stories.

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