I love discovering spirit in all shapes and forms and sharing about it through stories from real life.

Showing Up

Finding the “yoyu” to be more visible – what (or who!) helped me show up fully to write and share my writing more with others. When I saw her there in the middle of the web, I yelped with joy. I am in love with a spider. She was gone for weeks, and suddenly she…


Stuck in the Middle

When I feel too busy and out of time, I find “yoyu” by remembering to get out of indecisiveness and stay committed to my chosen path. I used to feel like I was gifted permission from the heavens to carry on with at least two ideas, two projects, two paths, two of whatever I was…


Coming out with Spider

Finding Yoyu with Spirit – How I discovered Spider was an Animal Spirit Guide and why I finally heeded her call. Several summers ago, I had a powerful experience with a very large spider who chose my window to build her web. The web was gorgeous, and I loved watching her rebuild it every night.…


Can you share a little with me? “Chotto chodai”

Finding Yoyu when you are depleted. My secret energy source and how to ask for help when no one is around to give it. I don’t remember why I chose to walk instead of taking a taxi. Maybe habit. Or, maybe I knew I couldn’t face the taxi driver and give him directions without crying.…


About the Author:

Hi! I'm Marci. When I'm not writing, building websites, or coaching clients, I love walking the streets of Japan and discovering spirit in all shapes and forms.

Here on the blog, you'll get a peek into what was like caring for my Japanese father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. Or, learn more about my upcoming book, Finding Yoyu.