I empower authentic self-expression and independence.

My work creates a safe place for you to express yourself authentically and present your business online in a way that feels 100% congruent. When you feel good about your site and your brand, promoting yourself comes naturally.

I envision your website as a private workshop where you love to show up for work and spend time sharing your magic with the world.

Whether you need clarity on your business services and brand identity or are feeling stuck writing content, I provide resources and guidance to help you move forward. As we tease out your brand and design your new site, I will encourage you to listen for and hear your inner guidance, especially when you feel stuck. I will be calling on my guides, too.

I trust the process because I know spirit is always available and will show up in some form or another to help us get unstuck.

My work is more than creating a website you love. Having a website and running a business are both activities that never end. They are ever evolving, just like we are! I will teach you how to navigate your website and make updates on your own. I’ve created a series of exercises and steps to help get you there.

I will teach you how to be in the driver's seat of your website.

I love working with people who recognize divine spirit in everyone and everything, no matter what, including their website and the virtual space it occupies. If this sounds like you, I would love to hear more about your business and help you create a site which allows you to increase your visibility, connect authentically with your clients and grow your business. Let’s talk!

Marci Kobayashi sitting at desk - back | marcikobayashi.com

Location Independent and Loving it!

You can usually find me in front of a computer scheming up a new article to post or tinkering with a website for one of my clients.

I wake up naturally at 5:00 AM and often study in the morning. I'm an avid learner and always in the middle of one or two online courses. If I'm not on my computer, then I'm usually reading a book, taking a walk around Hachioji, cooking up a new cancer-fighting vegan dish or watching TV.

I run my own company and can work from a local coffee shop, my sister's dining room in Michigan or a beach in Bali. In reality, I'm the happiest working from my desk at home in Tokyo.