You consciously infuse your life and business with light. What about your website?

You consciously infuse your life and business with light. What about your website?

Welcome… you're in the right place.

Some time ago, I had the crazy notion that I could keep my work separate from my spiritual beliefs and the energy that brings peace, positivity, and meaning to my life. I thought the online space was different somehow, and I was hesitant to bring my spirit into my experience here.

Maybe you feel this way too. Maybe you're intentional about incorporating energy and spirituality into your work but are hesitant to bring this focus to your website. Perhaps you've forgotten that the online world is just another layer of energy. Things are about to shift…

I want you to feel comfortable and confident combining your gifts, your expertise, and technology. I want your site to fully reflect you.

Let me be your guide as together, we create the perfect environment for your work. Does this mean you need to include spirituality in your messaging or site design? Not necessarily. We will work together to create an online presence that's a genuine reflection of how you engage your clients. Nothing more, nothing less. But…

When we work together on your website, we will…

    • bring heart-centered insight into our discussions, or
    • Pull angel cards or other oracle cards during our talks, or
    • Talk about the dream you had last night.

We will make room for the universe to work its magic!

This is how I work. Honestly, this is how I live. My clients are drawn to me because I recognize divine spirit in everyone and everything.

You don't have to express your spiritual beliefs on your site. You don't have to share my beliefs, either. But, my process holds space for the spiritual and allows you to explore dreams, step into possibilities, and figure out what is most important in your life and in your business. We work collaboratively, combining our creative energy to create the perfect site for you in this moment.

Sound like exactly what you're looking for?

Learn more about how you can work with me 1:1 or join the waitlist for Soulful Author Websites.

About Marci:

Marci Kobayashi is a writer and web designer with a gift for creating websites that genuinely reflect her client's passion and light. When not guiding her clients, building websites, or helping others connect spiritually, she writes about her experiences as a caregiver and longtime resident of Tokyo.