An Abundance of Carrots – Shifting Your Mindset with Unrecognized Sources of Yoyu

An Abundance of Carrots for Yoyu

Yoyu is a Japanese term that roughly translates to having an “overflowing abundance” of time, energy, space, experience, money, or emotional wherewithal. In this context, it refers to the idea of living a life full of abundance and finding ways to shift our mindset away from scarcity thinking. The following explores how we can focus on abundance instead of scarcity and how to recognize and use hidden sources of yoyu to move our lives in the direction of abundance.

Focusing on Abundance Instead of Scarcity

I’m committed to seeing my life through the lens of having or not having yoyu and then taking steps to adjust as needed. But even though I know this, I sometimes get caught in fear or frustration because I don’t have the yoyu.

Oh, no. What am I going to do? I can’t afford that.

Oh, no. What am I going to do? I don’t have enough time.

Oh, no. What am I going to do? I’m not good enough to do that.

Ideally, I would take steps to create more yoyu in the area where I feel like I don’t have enough. Sometimes that works.

But sometimes I’m holding so tightly to my fear of not having enough that I can’t bring any ease to it. So, on those days, I focus on what I do have.

In other words, if I can’t shift the area where I feel like I don’t have yoyu, then I focus on an area where I do feel like I have yoyu.

Shifting Energy with Abundance Mindset

The most straightforward example of this is money. If I have a day where I feel like money is tight, I probably don’t feel like I have any abundance. If I focus on how I don’t have money and get stuck there and can’t find a way out, then I stay in the mindset of lack of abundance.

The word abundance is flexible, though. I may not have the money I want or need, but I probably have an abundance of something else. Perhaps it’s extra time. Or maybe I have an abundance of fresh air to breathe. Or perhaps I remember that I have an abundance of carrots in my crisper.

If I shift my focus away from the aspect of self that doesn’t have yoyu and instead focus on the aspect of self that does have yoyu, my energy shifts.

First and foremost, I feel better. I’m no longer stuck in scarcity thinking, and I’m able to start taking action.

Hmm. What could I do with those carrots? If I cook and freeze them now, they’ll help me have yoyu in the future. Those carrots will save me time someday. Those carrots might even save me money because I’ll be able to use them instead of buying something already prepared at the store.

As I feel better and take action, I’m able to see opportunities I didn’t see before. A client I could contact who might be ready for another round of work together. A gift certificate hiding in the back of a drawer. An idea for a new book.

Does the shift pay the bills? Maybe not immediately. But it is easier to see opportunities where I can change the amount of financial yoyu I have.

So, when we’re stuck in scarcity thinking, we notice it, make space around it, and then shift our focus for a few minutes to the other ways we have yoyu so that we can feel better and eventually move into action.

Practice Finding Unrecognized Sources of Yoyu

You don’t have to wait until you feel scarcity to practice. Take out your journal now and list as many sources of unrecognized yoyu as you can.

Remember, in its simplest form, yoyu means overflowing abundance. Can you think of anything you have an overflowing abundance of right now?

Perhaps something close by that you’re overlooking? Is it an overflowing abundance of head-butts from your favorite feline? Is it an overflowing abundance of stock photos that you invested in months ago?

Is it an overflowing abundance of fabric tucked away in a closet? Maybe some home-canned jam? Or maybe you have an overflowing abundance of good music.

Perhaps you have an abundance of beautiful sunsets to look at or an abundance of fresh air. Keep going with your list until you have at least ten, but I bet you can find more.

Next, get creative with your list and think about how you might use the overflow in a creative or unusual way. Even if you can’t think of how it would directly benefit you, sharing your overflow in some way might be the tipping point for someone else to move from feeling a lack into full-blown yoyu.

For example, if your overflow is indeed the head-butting cat, take a photo and send it to someone who adores cats but can’t have them in their home (me!). When you take action like this, you both feel better.

Whenever we can recognize and use those hidden stores of yoyu, we’re consciously moving our entire life in the direction of abundance.

Moving Towards Abundance with Hidden Stores of Yoyu

To move towards abundance, you don’t have to wait until you feel scarcity. Take some time to reflect on the unrecognized sources of yoyu in your life and get creative with how you can use them. Whether it’s sharing your overflow with others or finding new ways to use what you already have, using these hidden stores of yoyu can help you move towards abundance and feel better in the process.

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