It feels good knowing we have this hopeful seed to nurture and grow. A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at

Something to nurture and grow

My 87 year old father-in-law, Masamoto, has been living with us for a year now. He was a rice farmer and logger since his early twenties and has lived most of his life far away from any big city. He has not complained since we brought him to Tokyo but I know he has struggled…


The other Washington!

Over the 20+ years of living here in Japan I almost always get asked the same 5 questions whenever I meet someone for the first time. It might be a short conversation at the cash register or a longer version in the bath at a hot springs. I love hot springs so it didn’t take…

Emotions wave through my body. I am not the wave. I am the one observing the wave. Sometimes the wave crashes through me. Sometimes I ride it to shore. | A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at

I am not the wave

Last week I was recovering from a silly argument with my husband. I don’t like to admit it but a few extra hormones added fuel to the situation. Later I was texting with one of my mentors and was reminded of how important it is to acknowledge emotions as they surface without letting them become…

Most Common Question Japanese People Ask Me #1

Top 5 Questions Japanese People Always Ask Me

I’ve been living in Japan for 20+ years and I still get asked the same questions over and over again. Can you guess what they are? 1. How tall are you? It’s easy to understand why people ask this question and if you have met me in person, you would understand, too. I’ve been taller…


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