Roof overhead and food for my belly

I’m really fortunate. Yep, I’ve got a roof over my head and food for my belly but that’s not why I feel fortunate and thrilled to be playing this game. After a great morning start I crashed into a pit of irritation and morose self-pity when plans went awry. The details are really not important.…


I walk on light feet

Living with an aging parent is teaching me a lot about fear. Every day I have the opportunity to engage with fear. Some fears are physical, some are financial, and if I were honest, most originate from a place of fear and uncertainty about my own future. This morning Otosan came back from his morning…


A White Reprieve

Today the city is masked with snow. It’s falling quietly and I watch the rooftops turn white from my perch on the 11th floor. Both Mt. Takao in the forefront and Mt. Fuji behind are hidden today. I know they are there. I know the park only a 20-minute walk away is there and yet…


Japanese Chant #2 – Sumimasen

I created this Japanese chant to help you practice asking questions. With enough gestures you can usually figure out the answer but before that you need help trying to make people understand your question. This chant was inspired by an experience I had during my first year in Japan over 20 years ago. I was…


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