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 Books with Love and Light

Check out one of my stories and be inspired by life in Japan, how to have yoyu, and maybe even a spider or two! I also write about caregiving, spirituality, and alternative healing modalities.

Celebrating & Intending - A Daily Practice

Notebooks for reflecting on daily wins & setting new intentions with your spirit guides.

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Otosan - A Memoir

People have questions about my memoir, and I bet you do too. Learn why Otosan is a story you’ll want to read. First...

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Soul Biz: Practical Tips & Heartfelt Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Creative Souls

I'm excited to be part of a brand-new book called Soul Biz! It contains over 100 personal stories (from over 75 contributing authors) a perfect blend of practical tips and heartfelt wisdom from soulful business owners who share their insight, suggestions, and advice with those either just starting out or those looking to be inspired.

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365 Book Series - A Collaborative Book Series with Soul

365 Life Shifts

Over 250 authors came together to create this #1 Amazon bestseller. Each true story in the book showcases a different kind of life shift. I contributed three stories to the book and one of them became the inspiration for my memoir - Finding Yoyu. Contributing to the book became a life shift of its own!

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Goodness Abounds

In this #1 Amazon bestseller, my favorite in the series, over 275 authors shared true stories of generosity and loving-kindness. Whenever I have a low day, I can flip to any page and find a story to lift my spirit and restore my faith in humanity. I contributed three stories to the book about a nurse, a teacher, and a talking cat!

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365 Soulful Messages

In this #1 Amazon bestseller, over 200 authors share about a time when they received a soulful message – either from someone here on Earth, from their own soul, or from beyond – that helped them in some way. Though it wasn't intentional, none of the four soulful messages I contributed came from people!

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