Soul Biz: Practical Tips & Heartfelt Wisdom for Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and Creative Souls

Available June 21st! Over 75 authors share personal stories of their experiences in business. You don't have to be "in business" to enjoy the book. And, if you are in business, there are stories for people at every stage from start-up to winding down, from success highs to devasting lows and back up again.

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Mind Your Roots

Where do you turn for business advice when you don't even realize you need it? After 20 years in business, I learned that the best business advice usually comes from common sources (especially green ones!) that have nothing to do with business.

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How can I get the book?

If you enjoyed my story about minding your roots, I encourage you to get the book. It's full of stories from other authors who share their insight, suggestions, and advice. You can get the book on Amazon. Be sure to check out the bonus gifts that you’ll receive if you order the book during the promotion. Learn more here about Soul Biz here.

The creator of this collaborative book, Dan Teck, donates 5% of all profits from sales of their books to the Jane Goodall Institute.

About the Author:

Hi! I'm Marci. I have a dedicated spiritual practice, enjoy studying alternative-healing modalities, cooking a whole-foods flexitarian diet, and exploring Japan, where I've lived for 30 years. Learn more about my workbooks for kids, and journals for adults. Also, look for my upcoming memoir Otosan, which chronicles the five years I cared for my father-in-law, a WWII Japanese war veteran, as he navigates Alzheimer’s.


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