As Irene's business changed, her website felt increasingly misaligned.

Irene's energy shifted as the result of a geographic move and the retirement of her husband and long-time business partner. She began focusing on providing coaching services as sole practitioner and quickly realized her existing website was still geared toward big corporate programs. During client calls, Irene found herself making apologies for her website rather than confidently focusing on the value she provided to clients. It was certainly time to take action! looks good on any device!

Together, we explored the heart of Irene's work and the passion she brings to each experience with her clients.

Through a process of deep reflection and discovery, coupled with my intuitive guidance to clarify and expand the possibilities, we uncovered the essence of the value Irene brings to her clients. Using this as a foundation, we were able to create the perfect website to reflect her energy and draw her ideal clients into her business.

"Marci got to the heart of who I am and what I want to convey in our very first meeting! I knew immediately that this was not a superficial exercise, but rather one intentionally designed to get results. She set expectations clearly, and I was relieved to learn she would handle all the technical aspects as well as the design."

- Irene Bradford

Working together was a warm and engaging experience.

During the collaborative process, we shared many warm moments of humor. I appreciated Irene's willingness to embrace the process, and our work was successful in part because she took the time to read everything she received, respond thoughtfully, and work through each task.

Though Irene's former site looked professional, it wasn't easy for her to get in and make changes. We built her new site to leverage the accessibility of WordPress, and personalized tutorial videos (made just for her) give Irene the confidence she needs to make changes in the copy whenever she chooses.

I loved working with Irene because she was able to own the process and share openly when she felt stuck or overwhelmed. Even when you already have a website, putting yourself out there in a new way can trigger all kinds of stuff that keeps you from making progress. We talked through these obstacles and anchored key words and images into her site to help her stay connected to her energy. She can now confidently show up as the compassionate leader and coach she truly is for her clients.


    • Website is a clear reflection of the core of her business.
    • Website eliminates the need to create marketing materials for each client.
    • Saving time and money by not having to monitor the website or struggle with changes.
    • Enjoying increased business and improved client experience created by new website.
    • Project completed on time, on budget and has delivered real results.


"My expectations for this experience were exceeded! Everyone who visits my site is impressed, and I feel it is a crisp, clean representative of me. Working with Marci was like talking to an old friend who knew me very well. She took language and ideas from our conversations and used them to suggest colors, images, and content. It was like she saw into my heart!"

- Irene Bradford

What would change if your site were aligned with your energy? Let's explore what's possible for you.