Sharon needed a flexible way to market her business while living a mobile lifestyle.

When she came to me, Sharon Yamakawa was excited about beginning a new chapter in her professional life. In her previous career as a financial analyst, she had worked extensively with numbers and data and had also written analytical reports. But now she was shifting her focus to analyzing and editing the writing of others-particularly Japanese people writing professionally and academically in English.

This shift would allow Sharon to use her analytical mind and her 35 years' experience living and working in Japan to provide a valuable service to nonnative English-speaking professionals regardless of location. Her basic goal was to help authors produce clear, consistent, and correct manuscripts in English while preserving their own unique style. looks good on any device!

Together, we worked to create a website that showcased Sharon's personality and expertise in a way that would attract her very specific target audience.

Our work began by exploring how Sharon wished to present herself and her services online. She is a rather private person, and the level of visibility we were creating online was a bit uncomfortable for her at first. Through the use of brand archetypes and other exercises, we identified ways for Sharon to engage with potential clients while remaining true to her personality and preferences.

"Working with Marci was so much fun-and educational too! Not only did I learn a lot about the technical aspects of building a website, but more importantly, I learned a lot about myself-my likes and dislikes and the type of personality I have. . . . Marci made an extra effort to ensure the job was done right-even coming to my photo shoot to help guide that process. She was a real support to me."

- Sharon Yamakawa

Working together provided the needed clarity to move forward.

Despite the occasional doubt, Sharon committed herself fully to the collaborative process. She carefully considered the information presented and how it would apply to her situation. She asked insightful questions while respecting the design process and her role in it. As a result, Sharon clarified her goals and found the right online voice and presence for her business.


    • Confidence, clarity, and a focus on preferred work and clients were achieved.
    • Prospective clients can easily obtain information prior to making contact.
    • Automated inquiry process is professional and removes doubt and insecurity.
    • Inquiries increased and credibility was enhanced through the new site.
    • Project exceeded expectations and was completed on time and on budget.

"The process of creation and the site's good outcome have helped me focus on exactly what I want my business to be. . . . Our work together has motivated me to pursue new business ideas and has given me confidence in what I can provide to my clients." 

- Sharon Yamakawa

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