Come out with your Woo!

Lessons from Beetle via Cockroach

Not every animal, insect or plant has a message for me. And, I get that sometimes I might be trying to read meaning out of a chance meeting and it might not mean anything special at all. Even so, I’m quite certain I recently received some interesting messages or lessons from Beetle via Cockroach. I…

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Free to be me

Free to be me. We are free now. We are free to be. I am free to be | Come out with your woo with Marci at

I am fortunate to have been born and raised in the U.S., a country where I am free to be me. These days, I call Japan my home. In either country, I can speak and move about freely. I can choose what I believe. I can choose what I do. Of course, I can choose…

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Why the word “woo”?

I choose to share my woo and be fully present in this incarnation. Full and present. Fully presenting |

I like to use the word “woo”. Some of my friends are put off by the word or, they simply choose not to use it. I’m not talking about people who are skeptical about spirituality, energy work, intuition, etc. The skeptics just ignore me and that’s OK. I’m talking about my friends who are fully…

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An interview with Marci

Veruschka Normandeau's Salt of the Interviews with Marci Kobayashi at

Last month Veruschka Normandeau, a healing arts coach, interviewed me for her Salt of the Earth series on YouTube. She interviews muses, mystics and artists from around the globe who have followed their heart. It was a honor to be included in the line-up! Veruschka asked about my work as an intuitive, the approach I…

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My website is a reflection of me

Today I choose to make my website and my services a reflection of all of me and all that I believe. | Come out with your woo with Marci at

Today I choose to make my website and my services a reflection of all of me and all that I believe. For years, I felt like there had to be two of me. I chalked it up to being a Gemini, and more recently an introvert (an INFJ to be exact). There was the public…

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Knock, knock, knock! Are you living your dreams?

Knock, knock, knock. Are you living your dreams? | Come out with your woo with Marci at

One Tuesday morning in August a woodpecker visited me at 4:30AM and woke me up from a dream. It was pecking away at something with a pock, pock, pock sound that went on for several minutes. My bed is positioned right next to a sliding glass door and a small balcony facing west towards the…

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Jumping off the high dive

Sometimes we need a friend to hold our hand and walk with us to the edge before we jump. | Come out with you woo with Marci at

When I was about five, my mom enrolled me in a swimming class at the local pool. I loved it and was especially fascinated by the diving boards. One day I padded over to the deep end of the pool and climbed the ladder to the high dive. I later learned that no one gave…

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Transformation is one step away

Transformation is one step away. | Marci at

I often go to the river to walk. I go there to get exercise and answers. I don’t always have a specific question or know before I set out what question is tickling my spirit. Observing nature along the river allows me to get out of my head and shift my perspective. Then the answer…

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on Being me from the inside out

Being me from the inside out. A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at

I had an explosion last week or maybe implosion is a better word. For a few weeks I had been feeling exhausted and close to burnout. A silly argument with my husband tipped me over the edge. I quietly tore down my vision board, threw away all the affirmations and pictures, destroyed a few items…

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Caterpillar wisdom and a Chestnut Tiger Butterfly

chestnut tiger butterfly

I took a morning hike a few days ago on Mt Takao about a 15 minute drive away from our home. To help my husband build stamina while preserving his energy, we opted for the cable car ride up to the top and then did the 30 minute walk to the Yakuo Temple. On the…

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