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Being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving | Marci's musings at

We’ve all experienced sudden insights that radically shift our way of being. Those shiny ah-ha moments when it all makes sense. They become touchstone moments we treasure for years. Though I love those shiny moments, my insights or new ways of thinking and being often take days to percolate to the surface and stay. A… Read more »

Establishing boundaries and protection with the help of Shield Bug

Shield bug helps me remember the importance of establishing boundaries and protection around my energy and business. I'm not saying this from a place of fear. I am fortunate to work with lovely people and therefore it's easy to forget how important these boundaries and protection are. I follow Shield Bug's lead and protect myself… Read more »

"Spend Time Every Day Tending Your Web" by Marci Kobayashi, an excerpt from 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything (365 Book Series) (Volume 3)

In 2014, I spent part of the summer living with my in-laws in the mountains of Hiroshima. I already shared about the frogs and the wild boar. Today, I have a story about a special spider. This story heads up the chapter on Animals & Nature in 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything, a book… Read more »

When do you adjust your energy to others and when do you hold your own space and let them adjust to you? | Exploring life with Marci at

One of my superpowers is adjusting my energy to other people - finding their frequency and matching mine to it. It is not something I think about consciously and it is not something I remember learning to do. I do it naturally. It puts many people at ease and it is probably why they feel… Read more »

I AM ENOUGH | Moving through energy leaks with Marci at

During a group call yesterday with fellow web designers, our coach brought up the idea of energy leaks in response to an issue someone was having in her business. It caught me by surprise. Though I am familiar with the term, it hadn't occurred to me that energy leaks were present for this person. I… Read more »

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