Personal Power

Showing Up

Finding the “yoyu” to be more visible – what (or who!) helped me show up fully to write and share my writing more with others. When I saw her there in the middle of the web, I yelped with joy. I am in love with a spider. She was gone for weeks, and suddenly she…


Through persistence comes strength – 継続は力なり

During my first year in Japan, back in 1992, a dear friend taught me a Japanese saying. He wrote it on a piece of paper and tacked it to his wall. The saying was short and easy, and I’ve never forgotten it. I remember his handwriting, the paper, and even the color of the wall.…


My Journey is about arriving there now

Finding Yoyu with Spirit – How or when I call on Ostrich to help me stand in my power. Though I sometimes forget and need to be reminded, my journey is about arriving there now. By journey, I mean my journey or transformation into a position of leadership and mentorship. I have spent years consuming…

Dream clients and diarrhea - overcoming upper limits with Marci at

Dream clients and diarrhea

In the last few weeks, I’ve been working with a dream client. Every time I finish a Skype call with her, I jump around with glee. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be working with her and building her website. A few days ago, we had another call and set a date for…


Jumping off the high dive

Finding Yoyu when you are afraid. How leaning on friends makes it easier to take that leap of faith. When I was about five, my mom enrolled me in a swimming class at the local pool. I loved it and was especially fascinated by the diving boards. One day, I padded over to the pool’s…