Coming out with Spider

Finding Yoyu with Spirit – How I discovered Spider was an Animal Spirit Guide and why I finally heeded her call. Several summers ago, I had a powerful experience with a very large spider who chose my window to build her web. The web was gorgeous, and I loved watching her rebuild it every night.…


Lessons from Beetle via Cockroach

Not every animal, insect, or plant has a message for me. And, I get that sometimes I might be trying to read meaning out of a chance meeting, and it might not mean anything special at all. Even so, I’m quite certain I recently received some interesting messages or lessons from Beetle via Cockroach. I…


Free to be me

Finding Yoyu with Spirit – How a past life reminded me of the precious freedom my current life allows me. I am fortunate to have been born and raised in the U.S., a country where I am free to be me. These days, I call Japan my home. In either country, I can speak and…


Spend Time Every Day Tending Your Web – An Excerpt from 365 Life Shifts

In 2014, I spent part of the summer living with my in-laws in the mountains of Hiroshima. I already shared about the frogs and the wild boar. Today, I have a story about a special spider. This story heads up the chapter on Animals & Nature in 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything, a book…

I choose to share my woo and be fully present in this incarnation. Full and present. Fully presenting | marcikobayashi.com

Why the word “woo”?

How do you feel about the word “woo”? Do you scoff at it because you think it is rubbish? Or perhaps you are on the other end of the spectrum and think the word is disrespectful. I intentionally use the word “woo” even though some of my friends are put off by it and consciously…

Today I choose to make my website and my services a reflection of all of me and all that I believe. | Come out with your woo with Marci at marcikobayashi.com

My website is a reflection of me

Today I choose to make my website and my services a reflection of all of me and all that I believe. For years, I felt like there had to be two of me. I chalked it up to being a Gemini, and more recently an introvert (an INFJ to be exact). There was the public…