Supporting a chemo-free recovery from cancer

How did you know what to do first?

Take one step towards what you know you can do right now and focus | Supporting a chemo-free recovery from cancer with Marci at

I knew exactly what to do first to support Akira after we learned he had colon cancer. That’s the key. I knew what to do first – I ordered Essiac tea. I’m NOT suggesting that Essiac is the one and only best way to support someone with cancer. My point is that instead of getting…

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What’s the first thing you did after you found out he had cancer?

Did you know I supported my husband through a chemo-free recovery from stage-3 colon cancer using a plant-based diet? People often ask what we did first and how our lifestyle changed. I say “we” because Akira had so much on his plate including two back-to-back international business trips. At first, all he could do was…

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