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What if I'm not interested in woo? can I still work with you? | Working with Marci at marcikobayashi.com

Sure! It's fine with me if you are not interested in woo. Naturally, most of the people who find their way to me are like-minded when it comes to energy, spirits, working with nature and the universe. However, I do make websites for people who aren't interested in intuitive messages or anything to do with… Read more »

I ask for help from angels, animal spirits, and other guides whenever I get stuck in my daily life. | with Marci at marcikobayashi.com

The truth is, I ask for help from angels, animal spirits and other guides whenever I get stuck in my daily life and even when building a website. Help shows up in a message from spider, crow, a song on the radio, a random bulletin board or even a rainbow. This is who I am… Read more »

Contact forms get a thumbs up! 3 benefits of using forms on instead of your email address on your website. | Marci Kobayashi at marcikobayashi.com

There are three main benefits to using a form instead of writing out your email address on your contact page. This is the most obvious and most often talked about reason for using a form instead of putting your email address directly on your website. If you still really want to put your email address… Read more »

Some people don't like filling out forms. HOW TO include your email address on your website the RIGHT way so you don't get spammed! | Marci Kobayashi at marcikobayashi.com

One of my clients recently asked, Let's take these two questions separately. Not at all! It's easy to add your email address, especially on the websites I build for my clients. They are all built on WordPress which makes editing easy. You can edit a page just like you would edit any post. On the… Read more »

Heart-centered Insight | Buid your website with Marci at marcikobayashi.com

Yes and no. Sure, I can imitate just about any site out there... but I probably won't. Copying another website is stealing someone's design and more importantly, I want to make sure the website I build for you is a reflection of you. For this, we need to tap into some heart-centered insight. For me… Read more »

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