Pause and Reset Your Energy

Pause and Reset by Marci Kobayashi

Sometimes, finding “yoyu” means you simply need to pause and reset. Then, trust the process as your energy realigns in your key. My default key is “happy.” What is yours?

I’m almost always working with a coach of some kind because I do better with coaching than without coaching. I think everyone does, whether it’s group coaching or one to one coaching.

However, as much as I am motivated and held accountable by working with coaches, I never depend on them to elevate my mood.

Happy is my default setting.

A few years back, I worked with a coach who required me to fill out a prep form before our calls. She always asked me to rate how happy I was on a scale of 1-10. My answer was 10 because I always default back to happy even if there are moments when I’m not 100% comfortable or satisfied.

When I explained my default happy setting to my coach, she was surprised. She knew I was under a lot of stress at home and asked why or how I could be so happy all the time. I don’t remember what I answered, but her question made me think. Had I always been this happy?

For the most part, yes. But there was a time when I forgot how to access my default setting. Things looked good on the outside in the early years of my business, but I wasn’t happy inside.

I worked too many hours, doing a job I enjoyed, but that was not fulfilling my soul. I had a growing business and several employees, but I struggled to budget properly and rarely had enough to pay myself after paying everyone else. To top it off, I worked in an environment that looked cozy but had a serious mold issue.

At the time, I felt like every good thing that was happening for me had a “but” clause to go with it. There were so many issues I could have focused on. When I got quiet, though, I narrowed everything down to how I wasn’t feeling happy. I didn’t know what to do. How could everything be going so well, and yet I still felt unhappy?

I probably could have used a coach back then but didn’t know they existed for small business owners like me. On a whim, I googled “how to be happy” and was shocked when another Marci popped up in the search results with the answer. It was the book Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff. I had never heard of her and was delighted to find another person who spelled her name the same way. I took it as a sign and ordered her book immediately.

The book title alone changed everything for me. It was like someone flipped a switch. I suddenly realized or remembered that being happy was a choice. If I didn’t feel happy, I could choose to feel differently. I don’t remember many details from the book, but it still holds a cherished spot on my bookshelf.

Distracting myself back to “happy”

Sure, there are still times during the day (or the middle of the night!) when I catch myself in a space that is not happy. I let myself wallow in it, but it isn’t very comfortable. My wallowing doesn’t last long before I make some effort to change how I’m feeling.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t try to run away from or ignore the problems that seem to hold my attention hostage at 2 AM. Rather, I know that being in that unhappy, stressed state at 2 AM or even 2 PM will not help me solve any problems.

It never fails. As soon as I can let go of the crazy thoughts swirling in my head, I feel better. As I shift back to a happier state, I naturally start noticing new solutions, or even better, the perceived problems fade away.

I use several tricks to distract my thoughts so I can shift more quickly back into my default happy state.

  • I read a book – usually a fantasy novel to help me escape into a different reality for a bit.
  • I play solitaire on my phone.
  • I listen to guided meditations and or subliminal recordings.
  • I take a walk.
  • I cook something.
  • I watch a tutorial.

One distraction that doesn’t work for me is taking a shower. Any other time, taking a shower can be invigorating. However, when I’m not happy, I tend to spiral downward in the shower. I’m too alone with my thoughts, and the warm water doesn’t do enough to distract me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve related one of my “unhappy” episodes to my sister and heard her remind me to ask for help. Of course, she means asking my guides and the other supporting energies in the universe.

Pause, reset and ask for help

Though I typically turn to one of the distractions above, I wish I would consistently remember my sister’s advice to ask for help instead. Setting the intention to change my mood and asking my guides to help works every time. Perhaps this post will help us all remember!

Your guides work together with you. You only have to recognize or acknowledge their presence, and they will step in to help with any alignment issues. (As they are likely doing right now as you read these words! )

You only need to pause and choose to reset. Pause and reset. It is easy. It is not a long and complicated process that requires you to soul search. Simply pause and ask for help as you reset.

Knowing my default setting

Though I think of “happy” as my default state, love is at the foundation. Whenever I’m in doubt, I start with love. And, if I can’t feel the love, I simply trust that love is there at my core.

Pause and ask for the reset. Pause and reset. Trust that your guides will support you as you adjust your energy back to its original god state. You carry the matrix with you at all times. It is always accessible. It is not something out of reach. Simply pause and reset.

Is that all it takes?

Yes. You might be fixated on how it should look or feel. Having an image is good. It is useful. But don’t let not being able to conjure an image stop you from choosing to hit your reset button. The intention to reset to your “factory state” is all you really need.

You might expect (or daresay demand) instant change. Yes, the reset can happen instantly, but be gentle and remember to hold some space around it.

I’m reminded of my computer. Though hitting the restart button only takes a second, all systems shut down and restart one by one. Even though it usually takes a few minutes, I never sit there and doubt that the computer will turn back on. So, give your energetic system a few minutes, too.

Hold some space around the reset. Allow everything to fall into the alignment around your core energy.

Trust this. You have the power to reset and sustain your keynote. As universal energy channels through you, it is played through you or in your key.

Afraid it won’t work?

Maybe you are holding a niggling doubt that you won’t be able to reset. Or, like me, maybe you worry that something will happen before you can reset and that you will wreak havoc in your life.

Remember, the universe and all the energy patterns around us are constantly changing. Do not let fear rule you. Notice your doubt or fear, yes. Then choose to pause and reset.

Finally, if you are like me and need a reminder, please download the wallpaper below. I’ve had it on my computer desktop for years!

Will you join me now? Let’s pause and reset!

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