Are you ready to love your website?

I envision your new online space as a private workshop where you love to spend time and share your magic with the world.  Perhaps you hold a similar vision but you're not yet 100% sure what you want. I bet you have been around the internet enough to know what you don't want. And, I know you don't want to compromise.

You need the flexibility to customize your site exactly how you want. You need someone to help tease it out so you can get on with spreading your brand of magic.

Preview of, a website designed and developed by Marci Kobayashi | visit
Preview of, a website built by Marci Kobayashi

That's where my custom websites come to play. I love building websites - tweaking code, researching the best plugins, and rearranging the layout. I can lose hours doing it.

Equipping you with a unique online space where you can't wait to show up and grow your business is my passion.

Are you ready to love your website? Get started today!

Custom Website Packages include:

  • BRAND COACHING- so that your finished website feels like an extension of you
  • CUSTOM WEB DESIGN - so your fonts, colors,  images, and layouts match your brand voice
  • MULTIPLE PAGE LAYOUTS -  so that your homepage, sales page, and inner content pages don't all look the same
  • WEB HOSTING and EMAIL SET-UP - so you don't have to worry about the techy stuff
  • CONTENT PLANNING - so that we don't have to shelve your website for months because your content isn't ready
  • VIDEO TUTORIALS - so you (or your VA) know how to update content on your site
  • NEWSLETTER OPT-IN FORMS - so you can continue building your list as soon as your site launches
  • CALL-TO-ACTION BARS - so you can easily add downloadable optin gifts and or direct visitors to a specific page
  • POST-LAUNCH TECH SUPPORT PERIOD - so that you have time get accustomed to your new marketing vehicle.
  • OPTION TO INVEST IN ONGOING COACHING - so that you keep the momentum to use your site and grow your business!

Ongoing Tech Support Services & Maintenance

After your site launches, I have several options that will keep you in the driver's seat of your website. You don't need to be an expert mechanic to drive your car and get where you want to go. It's no different with your website. Let me be the mechanic and take care of the maintenance on your site so you can focus on creating the content.