All my favorite tools - what I really use in my business


Canva - my favorite tool for design

CANVA Design

I use Canva more than any other tool on this page (I have the Pro account). Though some projects require Photoshop and Illustrator, Canva works best for 99% of the social media graphics I create for my business. If I could keep only one tool, it would be Canva.


DUBB Video

I like showing clients how to do things on their own. I used to provide "training" calls. Now, we have strategy calls instead. In between calls, I use Dubb to create "how-to" videos that my clients can watch (over and over if necessary!).


ASANA Project Management

I start and stop my day with Asana. I learned that it doesn't matter which tool I use, it's more important that I stick with the tool I actually use it. I've tried others (Basecamp, Process Street, Trello...) and they have merits. If they work for you, great. For me, Asana was the easiest and I LOVE the smartphone app.

Book Like a Boss

BOOK LIKE A BOSS Booking+Sales

I use Book Like a Boss to manage my online appointments. I also use it for selling lower-tiered services that don't require a proposal process. I often recommend it to clients who offer 1:1 coaching. It works well for selling sessions by the hour or even if you want to sell coaching packages.


THRIVECART Shopping Cart

I use ThriveCart to take monthly payments from all of my coaching clients, Website Care Plan clients, and those who enroll in a Support Retainer. I love how easy it is to set up. The only downside to ThriveCart is that it doesn't yet support Japanese yen.

BOBBY KLINCK Legal Templates

Ever wondered how people write their Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms of Use pages? Or, maybe you wondered if you needed those pages, too? (Hint - you do!) Bobby's Website Policy Pack is the easiest way to make sure your website has all these legal pages. (I loved the Website Policy Pack so much that I invested in the complete library of templates.)

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