Website Care Plan*

Hurray! You get to enjoy peace of mind knowing that Marci is taking good care of your website.

On the Care Plan, I will make sure...

  • your website applications (WordPress, your theme, and your plugins) are up-to-date and working properly
  • your WordPress website is optimized for speed
  • your site gets cleaned-up and is up and running again if you get hacked
  • your site is backed up automatically
  • your backup files are available in case you ever need to restore your site
  • your site is monitored for security breaches and malware, and
  • you have access to a suite of premium plugins to use on your site


Remember, on the Care Plan you also get to contact me for those minor emergencies such as....

  • you forgot your password or can't get into your site
  • a page on our site suddenly looks wonky, and you have no idea why
  • you're getting a ton of spam email to your contact form
  • you accidentally deleted a page, etc.

I love serving in this way, and you love having peace of mind. So, this is a win-win situation, and I'm so happy you are investing in a Care Plan!

Your Next Steps:

  1. Choose whether to pay monthly or Annually
  2. Complete your online payment

*NOTE: This service is only available to clients whose sites I built, and whose websites are hosted through me and or directly with If you are not sure, please ask me before enrolling.