How To Work With Spirit Guides on your Website

How to work with spirit guides on your website

Spirit guides are with us every day, but how do we connect with them when it comes to our websites? Is it even possible? In this post, I’ll explore how to work with spirit guides on your website at every stage of the web design process.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are typically described as beings who are no longer living in physical form and serve as guides to beings like you and me who are still experiencing the human condition. These spirit guides might be ascended masters, animal spirits, plant spirits, or angels. 

How to work with your spirit guides while working on your website

I connect with my guides regularly and receive messages throughout the day without thinking about it. I bet you do, too, because supporting energies surround us.

But what if you want some otherworldly input on your website? How can you connect with your spirit guides for advice? Here are three ways that I regularly use to keep myself open to input from my spirit guides.

1. Use an invocation to invite your spirit guides to help you with your website

Before I begin a call with a client, I use a few short sentences to invite my spirit guides to help me hold the space for our work. I use the same four sentences when working on a new website. 

Not sure what to say? You can try a version of what I use.

Before I begin, I say:

I call upon shieldbug to protect me.
I call upon my guides to assist me.
I call upon my higher self to connect me.
Let us begin.

After the call, or my work finishes, I say:

I return all energies to their source.
I release spent energies to the sun.
I thank my guides.
I thank shieldbug.

Shield Bug has been one of my animal spirit guides for many years. However, you might have a connection with a different animal, or perhaps an angel, or other spirits. Please feel free to replace shieldbug with what works for you. 

2. Pull an oracle card to get input from your guides about your website

I use oracle cards all the time before I begin working on a new website or before I get on a call with a client. I have several decks, but Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer is my current favorite.

Any oracle card deck you use will come with instructions for using them. However, you can also keep the process simple. First, I shuffle the deck while thinking about my new website project or client. Next, I consciously ask my guides to give me an animal that will help support my client or me throughout our work together. Then I cut the deck and pull the top card. 

I rarely tell my client about the card I pulled, but I do make a note of it.

I could pull an oracle card at any time during the web design process. However, I purposely pull one before we start so that our animal is already working with us no matter what happens. If we get stuck during the web design process, I will go back and look at the card and read the description. I usually find a hint for how I can lean on what the animal represents and adjust my energy.

As I adjust my energy, the project shifts, and we have a breakthrough with whatever was holding up the process. 

3. Simply ask your spirit guides for help before you start working on your website

Asking for help sounds too easy, but this is the most straightforward action that most people (Or maybe it is just me!) overlook. 

You don’t have to get fancy. You don’t need to recite any particular phrases. You don’t have to pull any oracle cards. Instead, you could simply say aloud or to yourself, “I’m going to work on my website. Can you help me?”

Let your guides know that you are ready and willing for some input. Then, be prepared to look out for it. 

If you start working on your website and a large crow flies by and catches your attention, it doesn’t mean you have to change your branding and add a crow. However, you might take a break and look up the meaning of crow. Is there something there for you to consider? 

Or, maybe you are struggling with some aspect of your website, and you decide to share it with your potential new web designer. Then, while listening to their suggestion for solving the problem, you see a tiny feather settle on your desk in front of you.

Does the feather mean this web designer, or even their suggestion is angel-sent? Maybe. Maybe not. You might need to clean your room or put your down jacket away.

On the other hand, that feather might be just what you needed to grab your attention so that you finally feel motivated to focus on solving the issue instead of just talking about it. 

How to use meditation and automatic writing to work with your spirit guides on your website

I get messages or intuitive hits all the time. However, when I consciously want to engage with my spirit guides, I do it through meditation and writing. Not sure how? The following is how I do it.

First, I sit down in front of my computer with my eyes closed and my hands on my keyboard. (Wait, what? You can use your computer to communicate with spirit guides? Of course!)

After several deep breaths, and with my eyes closed, I type out a series of setup phrases starting with “I am the light. I serve the light. I serve all beings…” If I don’t feel relaxed and grounded, I might take a few more deep breaths and type the setup phrases again until I do.

After I feel myself relax into a meditative state, and with my eyes still closed and my fingers on the keyboard, I begin describing the situation that is troubling me. Then I ask a question. The answer usually comes one word or phrase at a time. I don’t think about what that word or phrase means. I see or “know” the word and simply type it. Sometimes the words come so quickly, my fingers can barely keep up. Then, the words stop. I open my eyes and read the answer.

After several questions and answers, I ask my guides for an image I can use as a touchstone to help me remember what has been shared during the session. Then, I write down keywords to help me remember whatever image pops into my mind.

Later, I look for a photo that matches what I saw. Sometimes I combine the image with a phrase from my writing session and share it on social media if I think the message is relevant to others. Or, I make them into screensavers like the one below, which has been the desktop image on my computer for several years.

How do you know what to ask your spirit guides?

You don’t need to over-think this and or censor your words. The universe and all the supporting energies around us have a greater perspective on what is happening than we do. By simply calling attention to a particular issue, you are indicating your intention to shift the energy around it.

For myself, I found that the exact wording of the question isn’t as important as my intention and understanding of the issue.

Here are a few examples of how I frame questions to my spirit guides:

  • Is there anything I should know about…
  • I don’t understand this issue. What, if anything, can I do to alleviate it?
  • Why is this issue still presenting in my life?
  • I believe… Is there anything about this I am missing?

For your website, you might be asking your spirit guides questions such as:

  • Is there anything I should know about my messaging?
  • I don’t understand why my brand colors feel off. What, if anything, can I do to change them?
  • Why am I still procrastinating on finishing the copy for my website?
  • I believe my website is the reason why my business isn’t growing. Is there anything about this that I am missing?

What if you have trouble communicating with your spirit guides about your website?

If you are like me, then you know that there are supporting energies surrounding you. You connect with your guides regularly and receive messages in many forms throughout the day. Your guides are there for you… but on some days, being in your body, being in this human experience feels dense or murky.

I usually have trouble receiving any communication from my spirit guides when I feel like this. But, ironically, what helps me most is to get back into my body. I take a walk. I get into the kitchen and start cooking. I put on some good music and sing or dance. I stretch. I clean. I repot a plant or go buy flowers.

After letting go and fully embracing being human again, I find an answer from one of my spirit guides. Sometimes the messages show up in surprising ways, like the time a spider taught me about showing up.

When do you ask your spirit guides for help during the web design process?

Like the invocation I shared above, which I use before and after calls with clients, I start my workday by asking my guides for help and then end my workday by expressing gratitude.

I use a VERY simple prayer when I first walk into my office:

I thank the four walls, the ceiling, and the floor.
I thank all seen and unseen help.
Let us begin.

At the end of the day, I stand at my door, looking back at my desk, and say:

I thank the four walls, the ceiling, and the floor.
I thank all seen and unseen help.
Our work is complete.

So, essentially, you could say that I am asking for input during every phase of my work, including every phase of building a website. However, there are points when I stop and consciously ask for help. For example, 

  • Before I start working on a new page.
  • Before I have to send a difficult email.
  • While I am writing that difficult email!
  • When I begin developing a new brand palette
  • Before I send out a proposal
  • At the beginning of a new payment cycle or contract
  • Before I start writing a new blog post
  • When I get ready to share a post on social media and want to make sure the information gets out to the people who need to see it most
  • When I part ways with a client who has decided to work with another web designer or wants to manage their website on their own.
  • When I have a new Website Care Plan client and want to provide extra protection for their website – my care plans provide the standard protection included in all good maintenance plans, but an extra layer of help and protection from spirit guides never hurts.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be the one designing or building your website to ask your spirit guides to help out. I would be remiss if I didn’t clarify that communication with your web designer, including regular feedback, agreed-upon goals, and established boundaries, is key to any successful website project. However, If you’ve hired someone to work on your site, you might call on your spirit guides to help in situations like these:

Providing support: You and your web designer had a great call. You’re getting ready to launch a new program and you asked them to create a sales page for your website. You want to make sure they stay in the flow on your behalf so you call on your spirit guides to support them.

Getting Motivation: You get a worksheet from your web designer to help you create content for your website. You’re having trouble getting motivated to finish it. So, you call on your spirit guides to give you the strength and clarity of mind to finish the worksheet with ease.

Paving the way: Your web designer asks you to gather some testimonials from former clients for your website. You draft an email to go out and now you’re hesitating. Before you hit send, you ask your spirit guides to help pave the energetic way for your email to inspire them to share their experience in a genuine way that truly serves your future clients.

Receiving Inspiration: You’re searching through stock photo sites for an image you could use, but all the keywords you use bring up the wrong type of image. You ask your spirit guides to give you a hint. Then, you remember a dream, see a squirrel, hear a song on the radio, or something else that suddenly inspires you to try a new keyword and you easily find the perfect image. 

These are only four examples, but you get the idea and the possibilities are endless.

Who do you work with? Which spirit guides can help you with your website?

Your spirit guides are just that – YOUR Spirit Guides. Therefore, it’s important to find the energy beings that you resonate with the most.

Some of my friends communicate with individual beings who are no longer incarnate. I have other friends who communicate with a group of beings from a different part of the universe. Some communicate more easily with plant and animal beings. Others resonate with landforms such as mountains, or large bodies of water such as lakes and oceans. Still, others resonate with angelic realms. And some who would say all of the above.

I am open to working with many spirit guides, but there are a few that I work with regularly. One is a discarnate being that I call “Sensei” which means teacher in Japanese (Maybe they’ve had a proper name in the past. I don’t know. I didn’t ask.) As I mentioned above, I also work with shieldbug. Spider has been a spirit animal guide with me for many years, too. 

Please don’t fixate on who your guide is or what their name is. For years, I wouldn’t ask for help because I thought I had to be able to hear, see, or know the name of my guides to work with them. I even created expectations in my mind for all the criteria that make a proper spirit guide. 

Now, most of the time, I don’t ask for help from any particular guide. Instead, my requests and gratitude go out to all my guides in every shape and form. Then I trust that whatever I need to know will be provided to help shift my energy for the greater good of myself and all beings.

Why should you work with your spirit guides on your website?

Well, why not?

If you already communicate with your spirit guides as part of your daily life, then don’t stop just because you are working on your website. Your website is just another layer of energy.

I’ve heard people make assumptions about when it is appropriate to ask for help from spirit guides because they think only “important” matters are worthy of the attention of our guides. The truth is that there isn’t anything too small or too big to ask for help with. The help is always there and whether or not you receive an answer depends on your own ability to stay open and receive.

So, why ask your spirit guides? Because you already ask them for help with everything else. Why not ask them for help with how you show up and present your work to the online world? Why not get their perspective. 

Connecting with and communicating with your spirit guides while you go through the process of creating and or expanding your website is one of the best ways I know to guarantee you show up online in a way that feels in alignment with your true self. 

Share your gratitude when working with spirit guides on your website

When a message or hint comes through from my guides, I often feel a surge of energy, and I want to charge ahead with my work. I admit I used to get so wrapped up with excitement that I forgot to pause and thank the source. Now, at the very least, I share my gratitude with a simple “thank you.”

With my hand on my heart, I say thank you to whichever spirit guide is working with me.

Sometimes I go an extra step to honor the wisdom or guidance that has been shared. For example, one of my clients was moved into action by a spirit animal, but she didn’t want to use the animal in her branding. So, in acknowledgment, we found an image of the animal and uploaded it to her website files. No one knew it was there but us, and her guides, of course!

Another client struggled writing her content and was moved by a message she received from a spirit guide. She worked the message into the content on her website to never forget how her spirit guide helped her.

Another client received powerful guidance from a tree, so we used a shade of brown that matched its bark for all the text on her website. 

Though you don’t have to do anything special on your website to acknowledge or honor your spirit guides, I encourage you to get creative. There are so many subtle ways you can do this. It keeps the energy of gratitude flowing, and it makes your website all the more special to you.

Where can I learn more about how to work with spirit guides?

If the whole idea of spirit guides is new to you, then here are a few resources I enjoy.

Animal Spirit Guides: An Easy-to-Use Handbook for Identifying and Understanding Your Power Animals and Animal Spirit Helpers by Steven D. Farmer is on my bookshelf. I also use Dr. Farmer’s cards called Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides.

Plant Spirit Medicine: A Journey into the Healing Wisdom of Plants by Eliot Cowan is another one of my favorite books for learning about guidance and communication with plants.

If video is your thing, you might enjoy Bernadette King’s YouTube video called Spirit Animals Explained | The Difference Between Spirit, Totem, & Power Animals.

Type “work with spirit guides” in any search engine, and you will find many articles. In particular, Gabrielle Bernstein and Sonia Choquette talk about connecting and communicating with spirit guides in their books and on their websites.

What’s next?

Each of us has a unique way of engaging with the universe. Exploring what others do always gives me insight and uncovers new layers of my own unique connection. I hope this post on how to work with spirit guides on your website inspires you to uncover new layers of your connection to spirit.

Learn more about how we’ll work together to create a new website. We’ll go through a series of exercises to help you show up online in a genuine way. And, if your spirit guides have input, I’ll listen!

Sign up for a discovery call with me so that we can get to know each other and find out if we would be a good fit.

Read about one of my encounters with my animal spirit guide, the spider.

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