A calling of service

A calling of service. | A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at marcikobayashi.com

When I set my intentions and made a vision board in January, four animal spirits showed up – crow, cat, kite and spider. Rather than choose, I invited all four to be partnering energies for the year. And because of this, I pay attention whenever they show up in a quote card for a client.

I was especially surprised when crow showed up for this message about service. I usually associate other animal spirits with service…not crow.

In the past, both crow and raven have stepped in to remind me of my connection to spirit. Seeing crow squawking about service made me think about how I can best serve others by using my connection with spirit.

Is crow calling for more service? Or perhaps it’s a reminder that receiving messages is my calling – my way of serving others. A play on words from my favorite trickster!

A special thank you to WH for allowing me to share her quote card. When you order an intuitive message, you receive a full transcript and a quote card like this one showcasing one phrase from your message. These quote cards are touchstones to help you remember the full intent of the message from your guides.

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