Always return to the breath

Always return to the breath. | A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at

I get so wrapped up in my own “stuff” and forget that the only thing I really have to do is breathe! This simple reminder came as part of a message for one of my clients. I asked to share because it has been so helpful for me.

Always return to the breath. A deep breath, a quiet breath, a full breath. It doesn’t matter. Just breathe!

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About the Author:

Hi! I'm Marci. When I'm not writing, building websites, or coaching clients, I love walking the streets of Japan and discovering spirit in all shapes and forms. Here on the blog, you'll also get a peek into what it is like to live with and care for my Japanese father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. Enjoy!


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