Intuitive Messages

I am an intuitive messenger. I channel messages of love, light and blessings.

We are all messengers and carry the wisdom of the universe in our being. Sometimes we cannot access this wisdom. Sometimes being in this body, being in this human experience feels murky. We know there are supporting energies surrounding us. We connect with our guides regularly and receive messages in many forms throughout the day. Our guides are there.

Even so, this human experience still stumps us and sometimes we get in the way of ourselves. It’s hard to let go and let the information come through. Sometimes, it’s easier to ask somebody else to be the receiver.

If this is true for you, then welcome to this space. Let me be the receiver and help propel a message from your guides on its way to you.
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A ha! So you are like me and fascinated by how it works. I love pulling back the covers and seeing how things operate.

Though there are similarities to how we serve, each of us has a unique way of engaging with the universe. Exploring what others do always gives me insight and helps me uncover new layers of my own unique connection.

I hope the following questions and answers inspire your exploration!

Are you psychic?
How do you channel messages?
Do you channel messages from dead people?
I've heard that intuition and automatic writing are skills anyone can develop. If so, why do you offer it as a service?
What are your channeling sessions like?
How can you write on a computer? Don’t the electronics interfere with your connection to source energy?
Do you ever provide live sessions?
What should I ask?
How long will the written answer be?
How do you know when the answer or energy is complete?
How do you choose the phrases and images for the digital quote cards?
Will my message be added to the Message Gallery?
Do you use your intuitive abilities when you build websites?
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