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Step in. Step in and ease the tension.

Step in. Step in and ease the tension.. | An intuitive message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at

When you sense tension between people, do you try and break it? I catch myself trying to break the tension by pulling away. And then, snap!

There is another way…

Imagine there are many chords present and you are feeling the change in tension between then. Can you let them go? Step in and release the tension. You do not need to step back and break the tension. Step in. Step in and ease the tension.

About the Author:

Marci Kobayashi is a web designer and intuitive with a gift for creating websites that genuinely reflect her client's passion and light. When not guiding her clients, building websites, or helping others connect spiritually, she writes about her experiences as a caregiver and longtime resident of Tokyo.