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Finding Yoyu when you have no time. The perspective shift I rely on when I feel trapped in the “I don’t have enough time” loop.

The other day I was talking with one of my friends about space issues. Outer space vs. inner space. I shared about how my struggle with finding a sacred space all to myself in our tiny condo led me to the sacred space within my own heart and spirit. It completely shifted how I show up in the world.

You have space. How do you find the time?

My friend, Anne, could relate, but her problem is different. She has a beautiful space all to herself for exploring her creativity and communing with self. Instead of space, she struggles with time. From the outside looking in, her irregular and self-set work schedule seemed to provide a free and flexible lifestyle with ample time for creative projects.

Anne lives in a full house of people and animals and different schedules. She loves them all, loves running the home, and loves being part of their lives. Still, she said, “It feels like I am constantly pushed by a train coming up behind me to do this for one person and that for another.” She says it’s these little demands on her time that stack up and keep her from using her space.

It stumped me that Anne would have a problem insisting on private time for herself. If you spend any time with Anne, you quickly learn she has no problem insisting on what she needs or believes is best for herself and loved ones. She demands it in her relationships. She demands it in the way she cares for her animals. She demands it in what food is purchased and prepared, and the products and services used throughout the home. I have always admired this about her.

All the time and space I need is available within.

It got me to thinking. Discovering I didn’t need a physical space all to myself to serve as my sacred space and realizing I could be, and actually am infinitely happier holding that sacred space within, was life-changing. Listening to Anne, I wondered if she could have the same kind of paradigm shift regarding time. Instead of looking for time on the outside, could she find it on the inside?

And with that in mind, out popped the perfect message. “Take your time.” The accent here is on “take.” You know, like take what is yours and take what you need. Take your time. So simple.

Take your time. Take your time.

There is nothing better than a universe with a sense of humor. We had a good laugh about the message imagining our guides slapping their thighs and roaring in delight right along with us.

So, I’ve been learning this week how to take and hold the space I need for my inner sanctum. Anne is learning to take and hold the time she needs for hers.

Blessings to all of you, and may your inner sanctum be full of all the space and time you need!

Note: This was originally published in February 2016 and updated in January 2020.

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