Being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving

Being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving | Marci's musings at

We’ve all experienced sudden insights that radically shift our way of being. Those shiny ah-ha moments when it all makes sense. They become touchstone moments we treasure for years.

Though I love those shiny moments, my insights or new ways of thinking and being often take days to percolate to the surface and stay. A thought surfaces while I’m cooking and slips away as I open the refrigerator and reach for the carrots. The thought comes again while I’m out on a walk and then slips away just as quickly when my attention is grabbed by a crow flying overhead. And then one more time, at night, the thought surfaces as I put my book down and stretch out to sleep.

The thought is there. I want to claim it but it hasn’t taken root yet in my physical experience. It keeps showing up in the in-between moments. Those slivers in between waking reality and the deeper inner reality – that place of all knowing. If I try to remember the thought with my head, I am suddenly wide awake. If I try to feel into it with my heart, I drift off to sleep. It’s OK. It’s there.

I know the thought will rise to the surface again.

And then, a few days later, I catch myself explaining this thought, this new idea to another and it feels real. I’m surprised. When did it become part of me? Did it fully surface and therefore I put voice to it? Or, did my voice coax it to the surface and help it blend into me?

It doesn’t matter because I’ve just had another thought…And that is really my point.

As I continue living out this experience, I’m going to have many more thoughts. I don’t have to wait for mind blowing epiphanies. I don’t have to make special trips to exotic lands. My connection to spirit is always here. My growth is assured.

When I am being attentive to my thoughts, I am ever evolving.

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