How did you know what to do first?

Take one step towards what you know you can do right now and focus | Supporting a chemo-free recovery from cancer with Marci at

I knew exactly what to do first to support Akira after we learned he had colon cancer.

That’s the key. I knew what to do firstI ordered Essiac tea.

I’m NOT suggesting that Essiac is the one and only best way to support someone with cancer. My point is that instead of getting caught up in worry about all the different ways we could support his system, I chose what I was already familiar with and got started. I already knew about Essiac and knew it could likely help. So, first I focused on where to buy Essiac and how to get it over to Japan and into Akira’s body as fast as possible.

I credit performance coach, Todd Herman, for this mind set. I was in the middle of one of his courses and revamping the way I do business when we found out about Akira’s cancer. As we walked out of the doctor’s office after hearing the diagnosis, I heard Todd’s voice in my head, “block and tackle.”

Rather than starting and trying to keep multiple projects moving forward, Todd teaches people to put focused attention on one project until it’s complete. That way, at the end of a given period, you have a few completed projects as opposed to many ongoing, unfinished projects. He calls this “block and tackle” and it has helped me in all areas of my life.

But how did I know to order Essiac? I have my dad to thank for that!

Like so many families, cancer is not new to my family. My dad died over 18 years ago from an aggressive type of cancer that forms in the brain called glioblastoma. Though I’ve been fascinated by health and healing all my life, I thank my dad for giving me the opportunity explore alternative and/or complementary modalities for recovering from cancer.

Glioblastomas can be difficult to completely remove and don’t always respond well to chemotherapy or radiation. My sister and I dove deep into research to find alternatives for my dad. One of the books I devoured back then is by John Robbins is still on my bookshelf today – Reclaiming Our Health: Exploding the Medical Myth and Embracing the Sources of True Healing.

There is a great chapter about Rene Caisse and Essiac tea in John’s book. There are also many books and websites completely devoted to it. I’ve never forgotten the story of Rene and share it whenever I hear about someone with cancer, especially stomach and intestinal cancers.

Supporting someone as they restore balance to their body can take many forms. There are so many options and it is overwhelming. My advice? Start first with what you know you can do right now. When you’ve done everything you can to implement it or set it in motion, then move on to the next.

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  1. Melinda on August 18, 2016 at 2:39 PM

    Block and tackle–I’m so going to use that. And Essiac tea? I had never even heard of it. Thank you for this useful post, dear Marci!

    • Marci on August 29, 2016 at 9:46 AM

      You’re so welcome, Melinda! Some people can’t stand the taste of it but it’s only one or two swallows so I don’t mind. I wrote a little more about Essiac in the previous post. When you start looking into it, you’ll find there are many sources for purchasing it and a wide range of prices!

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