I infuse my business with loving thoughts

I infuse by business with loving thoughts. | A message brought to you with love, light and blessings from Marci Kobayashi at marcikobayashi.com

I didn’t always infuse my business with loving thoughts. I don’t like to admit it, but in the early years, most of my thoughts about my business were judgmental and overly critical.

I would never treat another person, animal, or plant this way. I don’t even treat my home or any of the objects in it with the same level of criticism.

I’ve been in business for myself since 2000 and running a company since 2002. I’ve spent countless hours thinking about and analyzing my business. I’ve spent countless hours looking at what’s wrong and what I think I need to fix. I’ve spent countless hours making plans and brainstorming ideas for how to make things better. Because of this, I have indeed made improvements. I’ve also had to make some difficult choices. The good news is, I’m still in business and happy about it.

That said, if I could change one thing, if I could go back to the beginning and do one thing differently, it would be to consciously and consistently make time to infuse my business with loving thoughts. I am an optimistic and loving person. I can easily shift my perspective or choose new thoughts about other people including my clients, customers, and contractors. I am able to see others with love and gracious understanding. I can even give this gift of love and understanding to myself. However, it took me a long time to treat my business with the same love and understanding. Somehow, I failed to see my business as the sacred container it is.

My business is a sacred container which I infuse with loving thoughts.

Today, my business is flourishing. Today, my business makes a difference. Today I feel blessed to have a business. Today and every day, I infuse my business with loving thoughts.

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