Jumping off the high dive

Jumping off the High Dive

Finding Yoyu when you are afraid. How leaning on friends makes it easier to take that leap of faith.

When I was about five, my mom enrolled me in a swimming class at the local pool. I loved it and was especially fascinated by the diving boards.

One day, I padded over to the pool’s deep end and climbed the ladder to the high dive. I later learned that no one gave me permission to leave the shallow end. I’m sure it never occurred to me to ask. I don’t remember what I was thinking other than I knew I wanted to try it. It looked like fun. It looked cool.

Standing on the diving board looking down, I was doubtful. It no longer looked fun. I was young enough that I didn’t know backing out was an option.

I vaguely remember someone joining me, probably one of the lifeguards or a teacher. I had the vague sense that maybe I couldn’t do this, but their encouragement gave me enough belief in myself to go.

Putting yourself out into the online world is a lot like my first experience jumping off the high dive. Compared to jumping, climbing the ladder takes more physical effort. It’s the same when writing a blog post or developing a website.

However, even with all the hard work behind us, when it’s finally time to jump, or in the case of a website, to flip the switch and show our website, blog post, or new offering to others, we tend to stall.

I know the feeling. I’ve stood there on that “high dive” many times with my mouse hovering over the publish button.

Worse, unlike the little Marci standing on the high dive, I now know that giving up and climbing back down the ladder IS an option. Giving up, not publishing my blog post, or not sharing my new offering is also an option.

I might consider giving up for a few minutes. But, I also know that even though it is an option, choosing that option rarely makes me feel better.

Though the fear of jumping or publishing my work hasn’t gone away completely, it has indeed gotten easier. Sometimes I can squeeze my eyes shut and hit the publish button. Sometimes I need extra encouragement from others.

Encouragement is something we all need whether we are 5 or 50. We need to hear “You’ve got this. You can do it. You are ready.” And, sometimes we even need a friend to hold our hand and walk with us to the edge before we jump.

Are you standing on the high dive? Do you need any encouragment? Let me know!

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