My Journey is about arriving there now

My Journey is about arriving there now

Finding Yoyu with Spirit – How or when I call on Ostrich to help me stand in my power.

Though I sometimes forget and need to be reminded, my journey is about arriving there now.

By journey, I mean my journey or transformation into a position of leadership and mentorship.

I have spent years consuming information. I love learning and will no doubt continue to take courses, buy books, and dig deeper. However, it is necessary to balance the flow – inhale, exhale.

I have much to share, and I can help others enjoy the process of sharing their gifts with the world, too.

Even so, I sometimes question how best I can serve as a spirit-guided mentor to others. I still catch myself spending time trying to figure out how to get there.

I analyze and overthink how to get to where and who I am supposed to be. That’s when my guides like to tease me and remind me that I have already arrived. Have you?

We can step into mentorship now

It never fails. When I forget I’m already there, I feel this restless need to do more, be more, or learn more. Maybe you do, too.

My dear Earth-bound friends, we don’t need to do this.

Try this instead – sit now wherever you are and allow your true light to shine through regardless of where or how you are physically being. (Oh, but I’m not strong enough, healthy enough, clear enough…) Hush!

Sure, a strong, healthy body will benefit the transference, but it doesn’t matter. You can be there now. Stand up now. Step forward and put your sign out.

Your journey, my journey, our journey into mentorship, and sharing our gifts is about arriving there now.

Hello! I have arrived!

If you ever forget again, call on Ostrich and her innate ability to stand tall and be seen. Look to her bright eyes and say “My journey is about arriving there now.”

We can and must share our light with the world. With every step of your journey, remember to arrive there now.

Then look around. I’ll be standing right there next to you!

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Hi! I'm Marci. When I'm not writing, building websites, or coaching clients, I love walking the streets of Japan and discovering spirit in all shapes and forms. Here on the blog, you'll also get a peek into what it is like to live with and care for my Japanese father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s. Enjoy!


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