Rock-Solid Closure

Rock-Solid Closure - an excerpt from  365 Soulful Messages:  The Right Guidance at the Right Time

Last month, Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck launched the final book in their best-selling 365 Book Series. Thanks to their series, I published ten stories, including four in this final book –  365 Soulful Messages: The Right Guidance at the Right Time.

Launching the final book marks the end of an important chapter in their lives. For me, too. I am grateful for all I’ve learned from contributing to their series. I have the confidence now to continue writing and, more importantly, to show up as a writer.

In honor of the end of their chapter, today, I am sharing one of my pieces that comes at the end of Chapter 6 – Messages from Animals and Nature.

Rock-Solid Closure – An excerpt from 365 Soulful Messages

The first time I visited my husband’s parents at their homestead in the mountains, I wasn’t a welcome guest. His parents were not expecting me, and though I was eager to meet them, I understood their hesitation and opted to wait in the car. Their son was in the middle of an unexpected divorce, and they were confused over where their loyalties should lie. Who was this woman? Where were the grandchildren and where was their mother?

I waited with the windows rolled down, breathing in the warm summer air. I could see the rice fields and forested mountains in the distance. With nothing to do, I watched the dragonflies take turns landing on the side mirror. I slowed my breathing and sank my energy into Mother Earth. Though I had no idea how I would ever connect with his family, I knew I could connect with the land. I felt a calm wash over me as I anchored a piece of my soul.

Now, after twenty-plus years and many trips to that home, I don’t doubt my connection to my husband’s family. I made peace and built a strong rapport with his mother long before she transitioned and now watch over his father, in his nineties, as he navigates a new life with us in the city.

Even so, my heart carried residue from that first visit. Questions of whether I was worthy, of whether I belonged. A compulsion to prove myself. These feelings no longer served me, so on a recent visit, I walked over to the giant boulders lining the driveway and stood on the road where I sat in the parked car summers ago. I closed my eyes and sank my energy back into Mother Earth. I asked for help, and together we washed away the outdated fears and beliefs.

Afterward, I leaned against the nearest boulder and noticed a small edge coming loose. I lifted it away and grinned when it fit perfectly in my palm. Rock-solid closure. Thank you, Mother. A stone for my altar in honor of our exchange.

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