Lessons from Beetle via Cockroach

Lessons from Cockroach via Beetle | Come out withyour Woo with Marci at marcikobayashi.com

Not every animal, insect, or plant has a message for me. And, I get that sometimes I might be trying to read meaning out of a chance meeting, and it might not mean anything special at all.

Even so, I’m quite certain I recently received some interesting messages or lessons from Beetle via Cockroach.

I am rarely visited by anything but my spider friends up here in my condo on the 11th floor. So, when something else shows up, I take notice, whether it be a woodpecker, butterfly, bee, or shield bug.

Yes, I even take notice of the cockroach because though they are prevalent in this country, I rarely see them. I can count the number of times I’ve seen one in my condo over the last nine years on one hand.

A few days ago, I was alone in the living room when out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a very large cockroach scurrying along the base of the sliding glass door. The door was open to let in the breeze, and that is probably how she got in.

I want to say that I calmly ushered her back out the door, but I’m still not as friendly with cockroaches as I am with spiders. I couldn’t find a safe and easy way to trap her either. So, as I ushered her into the next life instead, I sent out a promise that I would receive her medicine and take notice of whatever message she had to share.

Unfortunately, the books on my shelf regarding animal spirit guides don’t have anything specific to say about Cockroach. Of course, it doesn’t take a book to know that cockroaches are excellent at getting your attention. This one had gotten mine alright but what for? What was she trying to get me to see?

I took my search online and kept finding references to Beetle. Though some animal spirit guide writers say cockroaches are in the beetle family, entomologists say they are not. Even so, the reference to Beetle made me stop and think.

Earlier that same morning on my walk, I saw a big fat beetle hiding behind a bright yellow flower. It caught my eye because the flower was blooming about 5 feet (150 cm) off the ground and right next to the path. The beetle was perched on a leaf with its head tucked under the flower.

Try as I might, I couldn’t get a full-on picture of the beetle. It was as if she was trying to hide, but there was her behind, shining bright for all the world to see. An impressive pile of poo, too!

Then I remembered how another big round shiny beetle, just like the one I saw on my walk, had visited me the week before. I discovered it upside down right outside my front door and knew it was not where it should be. It wouldn’t survive much longer if I left it there because I knew the maintenance man would soon be by and would simply sweep it away.

I assumed the beetle was at the end of its life. As such, I figured I could at least put it out where a bird could benefit from it. While I waited for the elevator to come up to the 11th floor, I picked it up and threw it out over the railing. I was so surprised when instead of falling to the ground, it flew away!

Both beetles were a type of Koganemushi Beetle, part of the Scarab Family of Beetles. I love the Japanese name ko-gane-mushi (黄金虫) because it means yellow metal bug or golden bug. There are several different types of koganemushi, and I believe the one I found on my morning walk, pictured above, is an Aotogane.

Lessons from Beetle via Cockroach or just a couple of bugs?

So there you have it. Just a couple of bugs or some powerful insect medicine? It would be easy to dismiss the incidents, but I think Cockroach was trying to help me recognize that Beetle had chosen to show up in my life and I was not taking notice. I thank her for getting my attention.

Lessons from Beetle - Show your face and leave the crap behind

I wonder of Beetle’s message and why she has come into my life now. First, she was playing dead in front of my door when she was clearly capable of flying. (Hmm…some experts do say the Beetle is all about resurrection!) Then she was strategically hiding behind a pretty flower while leaving her behind (and all her crap) for all the world to see.

Perhaps it is time to fly!

Unlike Cockroach, there is a lot written about Beetle symbolism. I always appreciate the thoroughness of Avia Venifica’s posts and can see that I have much to learn from Beetle. I think Beetle’s first lesson is more personal to me. Perhaps she is showing me that it is time to leave some things behind and lighten my load. Or, perhaps it is time to fly! Maybe a little of both.

Beetle’s message is timely. I’ve been preparing new offerings and working on a new design for my website. You can bet I will find room for the Beetle to show her face. My face, too!

How about you? Are you ready to show YOUR face?

Can you relate to either of the Beetles who showed up for me recently? Have you been playing dead with your feet in the air when you have wings and know you can fly? Is there a pretty flower or convenient excuse that you are choosing to hide behind?

Perhaps you are ready to leave some things behind and step out with new services and a new website. Come on, let’s leave that crap behind and fly!

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